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Change of plan

I’ve decided to change my project slightly and will now be creating gifs instead of cinemagrams. I felt that the style of gifs is more suited to the type of work I usually produce as opposed to highly polished cinemagrams.


I’ve taken some key elements from the Bob Crane story and drawn up some [really bad] sketches in preparation for my first cinemagraphs.

I want to give an eerie feel to my images. This first sketch is supposed to have a voyeur feel portraying someone watching my portrayal of Bob Crane with a women. The movement would be in the door.

This sketch is supposed to be a video camera. It would be good if I could get my hands on an older looking one. I want to have the focus on the video screen and the movement would be a in and out of focus image. In front of the image will be something sexed up like a womens body. I might try and have it hooked up to a tv screen too, but the tv screen and the person will be out of focus in the background.

I’m going to make a cinemagraph of a tripod with blood dripping off of it. This is a bit too obvious, but I’d like it for reference and it may develop to something else.

This sketch is of hands holding a video cable. The movement will be in the cable swinging. Like before this is a bit obvious, but I’d like to take it as a starting point.

This was inspired by the photograph of Bob Crane in my last post. I want to somehow portray the fame aspect of Crane’s life. I’m going to try showing movement in the sunglasses, I also want a figure in the background to give the feel of someone watching.

Bob Crane

I’ve decided to focus my images around the story of Bob Crane’s murder.

images (3)

It’s a really interesting true story with loads of little details that make it seem almost as if it was written for a film.

To sum it up Bob Crane was a DJ and Actor in 50’s-70’s. He was best known for his role in Hogan’s Heroes, an American Sitcom.

After the sitcom finished his working life tapered down and his personal life was dogged with rumors of sex addiction. He had a friendship with John Henry Carpenter, who helped Crane learn about video equipment. This was all happening at the time personal video cameras were first emerging. Crane and Carpenter used to make explicit videos with and without the consent of the girls they were regularly bringing home. In 1978, Crane reportedly rang Carpenter to end their friendship. The next day he was found in his motel room in bed, bludgeoned to death and with a video cable wrapped around his neck. The murder weapon was never found, but it was believed to be a video tripod. Although brain matter was supposedly found in Carpenter’s rental car he was never found guilty. Today it is still officially an unsolved murder.

Other articles on the Bob Crane murder:

Other Material:

There’s also a film called Auto Focus which was made about Bob Crane’s life and death and several books including

London Dungeons Advert

Pans through an almost 3d still image with a cinemagraphic quality.

Sam Taylor Wood

This is Sam Taylor Wood’s filmed portrait of David Beckham.

I saw this exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery a few weeks ago. I think it’s really beautiful and it’s an interesting way off capturing a person.

The notion of the sleeping subject and the moving image as opposed to a standard portrait stopping time is also interesting.

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